Wednesday, July 27, 2005

On the plus side—fond memories of my family: A few good laughs with my sister and brothers

Apparently, my older sister, at least, was old enough to play babysitter for the rest of us, because I remember quite clearly that we were home alone. All four of us were sitting in the middle bedroom, goofing off, joking around, laughing, and having a rollicking good time together. Too much of one, apparently—the neighbors called the cops, 'cause we were making so much noise! :)

The last time all six of us (parents included) were together must have been right before our wedding, after my youngest brother had moved to California, shortly before my brother and his then-wife made aliyah (we rescheduled our wedding to take place six months earlier than planned, so that my brother and sister-in-law could be there) and about six years before my parents made aliyah. We were sitting around the dining room table, punning our fool heads off. (Yeah, my Punster fits right in. :) ) What a riot! I still remember that last time together fondly, especially since, given our geographic dispersion and our parents' health, it's not likely ever to happen again.


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